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A Passion for the hidden worlds

Diana Sommer

Hi, I am the founder of Wisdom of Dreams! As an intuitive and artist I naturally love imagery and the meaning of it as well as of colors and designs. As long as I can think I have been into spirituality, psychology  and mysticism. Eight years ago I heard and answered the calling into the world of vision and sacred plant medicine. After many years of countless shamanic journeys I eventually became the personal translator and right hand of shamanic elders from Colombia (

We embarked and embark on many healing adventures together, facilitating healing work for women and sharing the traditional wisdom of an ancient culture, weaving the web of life and planting seeds of the future. Eventually it became clear to me that I would not only translate spoken language, but also symbolic language. It was in spring 2020 when I officially offered my services for the first time, which was also when I started forming my team and we started our addictive work with each other in the field of dreams.

Aside from shamanic work I am bringing many years of private study of the world of dreams, lucid dreams and Out of Body Experiences to the table, accompanied by a deep love for archetypes, astrology and the work of Carl Gustav Jung and many other great teachers.

40 years of lifetime brought up specific archetypal energies to the surface that are for me to explore, like the hero’s journey as a single mother, healing addictive patterns, the management of mystical forces in a non-abusive and non-egoic way and empowerment of authentic expression and introspection. I am a spiritual detective and love nothing more than going to the bottom of things, finding the cause at the root in myself and in others to be able to alchemize what’s found into gold and transform. Dreams are one of my favorite tools to use!

I offer sessions in english, german and spanish!

Having said all of the above I believe it is important to say that Wisdom of Dreams does NOT provide therapy work – instead we like to look at the sessions offered as meetings of the soul with the intent to explore the Wisdom of Dreams together.

“The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you like the green seed from the dark earth.”  – C.G. Jung