Karma and Dream
Karma and Dreams
‘Dream practice gives us a method of burning the seeds of future karma during the dream. If we abide in awareness during a dream, we can allow the karmic traces
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surfer dream nightmare
Why sharing Dreams can feel Vulnerable
Often times we wake up unsettled from an intense dream. Those dreams often come with an intimate symbology, something that touches us in uncomfortable places. We dream about violence, bloody
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Wisdom of Dreams, Dream Interpretation
Why Dreams Are Important
‘Dreams are like a letter from home, from a deep place in the psyche that has a picture of yourself, of your life, from a psychic state of the moment,
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Wisdom of Dreams Blog
What if I don’t remember my Dreams?
‘What if I am not dreaming?’, is a common question, or: ‘What if I can’t remember my dreams?’ One thing is certain: We dream every night, everybody! Basically there are
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