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Personal One-on-one session with Diana

Dear friend,

Please fill out the form below to describe your dream. Make sure to talk about all the details you remember, for example if it was day or nighttime, the weather, the surrounding, colors and most importantly: how you felt throughout the dream (confused, scared, suspicious, carefree, lighthearted, etc.). We will post one dream a month in the dream interpretation section of our blog, so please be aware about the fact that this dream will be visible to the public. We will keep all personal information hidden though.

You can choose from one of the price options:

  • Supportive/ generous: $100
  • Normal: $90
  • Low Budget: $80

We are looking forward to hearing from you,


It can be detailed. For example: daytime/ nighttime, weather, surrounding, colours, emotions, sensations, overall impressions,...
Please share a bit about the life situation you find yourself in at the moment, the emotions or issues you are dealing with. What do you think your dream relates to?

“Within Buddhism it is believed that among the three general states of consciousness – waking, sleeping and dreaming – the coarsest state of consciousness, the one with the least potential for spiritual development is, surprisingly, the ordinary waking state.” – Charlie Morley