Flying off the Cliff

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‘I am on a mountain with a high cliff with a big lake or the ocean below. It is a beautiful day. I am with some people that I don’t remember and one thought there is a shark in the water (the person said: I think there is a shark in the water) but then I look and see that it is a dolphin playing in the water (swimming standing on the tail).
I take a leap and slide down the hill on the grass (like when I was a child) towards the cliff until I fly off the cliff. I fly and it is so intense but beautiful.
I drop into the lake or ocean and feel something in the water/ I touch it or it touches me. It could have been the shark or dolphin but I don’t know. I climb on a small boat or port. The water is deep like deep ocean. One cannot see the ground.




(This is an example of how an anonymous,free, written dream interpretation can look like when published on this blog. As there are no personal associations to the symbolism of the dreamer available, we draw from the collective meaning and feel of the symbols and archetypal energies. Many times dreams carry layers of understandings that are true altogether or point to a certain event or issue in the dreamers life, which cannot be considered in an article like this).

All we know about the dreamer is, that he is male and that he is 52 years old.

On this beautiful clear day, which talks about a state of awareness and clarity, a challenge is presenting itself: The dreamer is high above things on the top of a mountain, where he has an overview over the current situation. He probably feels pretty confident and clear about what he discovered but in front of him but at the same time he can see a dangerous steep cliff and it seems as if there is a shark in the water below. At least this is what the other people say. The dreamer hears what other people say but something in him does not believe that there is a real danger. Looking closely the dreamer seems to discover that there is no danger at all but a playful dolphin who is having fun in the water below.

The water stands among many things for consciousness and for depth. Water in dreams can refer to an emotional or also a spiritual state of the dreamer at the time the dream occurred. He cannot see the ground as the water is deep like the ocean, which points towards uncertainty that lies ahead but only if he takes a leap he can discover what is about to happen. The dreamer decides to jump and slide down the hill as if he were a child again, playful, innocent and curious. At the edge of the cliff he flies and it is beautiful. He feels free and happy.
In the water he touches something unknown, but there is also support: The boat or port. He feels safe enough to dare.

In the Jungian world we would call this a ‘big dream’, which talks about the Journey of the Soul (boat over ocean), which represents the process of Individuation: a process where someone becomes who he is meant to be. Maybe he is in the process of connecting with his authentic self or with his path in life. We are not referring to a Job or any expression of the ego. It’s more about meeting his soul and becoming connected with his unconscious, the universe and God.

This is a very beautiful and reassuring dream. The dreamer is on a good path. At this point in his life he expresses his individual Self that hears others but trusts his own opinion, he has honest intentions to grow and to expand and is strong enough to take the leap.

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