Karma and Dreams

Karma and Dream

‘Dream practice gives us a method of burning the seeds of future karma during the dream. If we abide in awareness during a dream, we can allow the karmic traces to self liberate as they arise and they will not continue on to manifest in our life as negative states.’
– Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in ‘The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep’


If you are dreaming a lot about your family, about your parents and the place you grew up lately, observe if there is a reoccurring theme. As we are moving through times of releasing karmic patterns right now, we start with ourselves and our families.

If you ask yourself a lot why certain things keep on happening over and over again in your life pay close attention. We cannot heal a pattern if we don’t face it! These karmic traces are deeply ingrained into our DNA! It is energetic information passed on through our lineage and we are so identified with it that it takes courage to go on a mission to bring them into the light. Also, because there is a lot of pain, shame, sadness,…

But this revolution starts with each of us IN OURSELVES. By redesigning our energetic patterns, we upgrade our DNA, we upgrade the energetic structure that we carry.

And by doing so we clear the path for our children and the next generations!
By doing so we radiate an energy of healing into our surrounding and we become the channel for the family to heal too.
Not by preaching, but by changing ourselves, by living a good live, by walking as an example of what we wish to see in the world.

If we do this work together, we upgrade the entire energetical design of our existence. Purging the old, healing the hurt, weaving a new vision into existence, spreading like a mandala of light.

Thank you.
May god bless you!
May you be strong!
May grace gift you hope!
May you be love!
May god protect you and your loved ones!

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