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The Rich Symbolism of your Soul

Please feel invited to tap into the wisdom of your dreams to unlock the insights and guidance that are woven through the unique symbolism of your soul’s expression. It is a profound desire and joy to help you establish this connection with your higher self, that is waiting for you to reach out.


Wisdom of Dreams, Dream Interpretation

One on One Session

I would like to invite you to work with me in an intimate one on one session to contemplate your dream and to look for the guidance within it. I strongly believe that it is part of our awakening to become lucid enough to receive the messages from our inner dimensions. It has shown to be true that once we turn towards our dreams a flow of information starts pouring in. My offering is to be the bridge for this connection to be established and nourished so that you can call it your own. In this 1 hour session we explore the symbolism of your dream together and intent to discover archetypal energies that relate to your dream and life at this given moment.
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Wisdom of Dreams | Apply for a Free Dream Interpretation

Package 3 sessions

Sometimes we experience a series of upsetting or repeating dreams! Sometimes the night becomes so alive that we don’t even know if we are awake or if we are sleeping. We hear noises or voices, have unusual body sensations or wake up terrified by nightmares. I am offering this series of 3 sessions to a special price if you feel like you need to resolve disturbing nightly events or if you simply want to go deeper in the process of connecting with your dreams. This package is also helpful if you are in the process of learning lucid dreaming because Dream Contemplation helps us to be a lot more mindful about our inner processes and what might be in the way of becoming lucid.
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Wisdom of Dreams, Dream Interpretation

Dream Analysis Double Pack

This 1 hour session includes me working together with one of my favorite Dream Analysists together. We have been working with each other for a long time studying our dreams. We work in a complementary and synchronistic way to get the most out of your dream when we meet the three of us for our session.
We ask you to fill out this form to write down your dream in as much detail as possible and to tell us a little bit about yourself. Then we prepare for you and meet you online or in person for an hour of dream analysis. In these sessions the dreamer is asked many questions and is an active part of the discovery process, so you are welcome to show up with the willingness to participate instead of simply receiving, as no accurate dream interpretation can be achieved without your associations with the symbolism. With the experience we gathered we are able to guide you through the process... Please click here to read more and sign up!

“We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions..”  – C.G. Jung