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Mi experiencia con Diana fue muy dulce y amorosa a la hora de interpretar mis sueños, la paz y armonía que refleja en su rostro ve que viene de la tranquilidad de su alma y la cual se refleja al exterior. Muchas gracias Diana!

(My experience with Diana was very sweet and loving when interpreting my dreams, the peace and harmony that she reflects in her face comes from the tranquility in her soul which she projects to her surrounding. Thank you very much Diana!)
Verónica Velasquez
Diana is a dear friend of mine and I've always been intrigued with her deep study and passion for the dream world. She's helped me many times to uncover layers within myself by digging into my dreams. Recently I had a very disturbing, twisted and even embarrassing dream that I told her in scattered detail. She asked me many questions about how I felt with certain things in the dream and what significance the symbols had for me. It was an awesome conversation of inner detective work that revealed some deep rooted emotions. These mind-blowing revelations caused things to shift and change in my current life. With just one conversation, Diana left me with an amazing pile of homework to integrate over the following days and weeks. I often have dreams that I feel are significant but they are too confusing or seemingly impossible to navigate on my own. Diana's help proves that it's not too confusing and that you just need a guide to see what might be hidden. I’m so very excited for Diana to be sharing this awesome work with the world!
Kristin Lewis
My dream session with Diana was exceptionally insight and helpful. She offered gentle, sincere guidance for me to decode the messages from my inner landscape in a safe, supportive space. Diana made it comfortable and easy to stay open to what was revealed while sharing her gems of wisdom and potent questions to contemplate and explore. I experienced a wonderful emotional release and ended our time together feeling grounded in understanding and inspired to delve into the archetypal patterns revealed during our analysis together. I look forward to having another dream journey to explore with Diana as I sense this session will prove to be a turning point for me and some familial patterns my subconscious is bringing to the light of consciousness and integration. Her support was an invaluable asset for that healing to take place and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
(Testimonial for Dream Analysis Double Pack): Diana and Vered were amazing to work with. They were very attentive and focused on the details of my dream and the discussion to interpret what the symbols of the dream meant. They were both gentle, knowledgeable and really present during our dream session. I’m grateful to them both for gifting me with clarity about the dream we discussed. I highly recommend working with both of them! Thank you so much, Diana and Vered, I wish you both so much success!
Kelly Richardson

“The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you like the green seed from the dark earth.”  – C.G. Jung