What if I don’t remember my Dreams?

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‘What if I am not dreaming?’, is a common question, or: ‘What if I can’t remember my dreams?’

One thing is certain: We dream every night, everybody! Basically there are more or less 4 – 7 dreams per night that each person dreams, if we remember them or not has mostly to do with out willingness to put our attention there.

People often talk about a ‘Dream-Recall-Muscle’, that wants to be trained to become stronger. This is totally the case, even though I prefer to imagine that there are dreammakers, who are our guides and they are helping us each night to process and learn. They also give clear guidance, they warn us and they truly care. In my experience this is really true, I have seen it many times in myself and others how the dreammakers respond to specific questions and issues – it seems as if they are waiting for us to ask for a connection so that they can finally respond and help us.

3 simple steps to start your journey

So the FIRST STEP is to put this intention! Ask for a connection with your inner world, with the realms of dreams! Write it down, set an altar, speak a prayer or create (paint, weave, sculpture) something that will hold and resemble this intention strongly for you. The deeper you feel into the longing and feel the prayer in your heart, the better.

The SECOND STEP is to prepare pen and paper beside your bed or if you prefer a voice recorder, to be ready to record what came up through the night right after awakening.

Now here comes the most important THIRD STEP, because you have to write down or record no matter what! If you don’t recall a dream write that down in your diary! If you feel a certain way (sometimes we wake up happy, sad, drained or recharged), write down any sensations. Sometimes we only remember a sense of something, which is maybe like a color or a smell or something with a thousand ‘somethings’ about something. Write that down too! This is crucial, because you need to show your honest wish to connect!

If you will follow these simple steps your dreams will eventually come back, become more vivid and clearer, maybe even lucid. This depends on how much focus you direct to your inner world and how much mindfulness you cultivate throughout the day.

For many people this is already enough to re-connect with the world of symbols, but if you are specially eager or need more tips on what you can do to direct attention and therefore energy to the dreamworld then see below:

More tips on how to remember your dreams

  • Say out loud ‘Tonight I will remember my dreams!’ before you are falling asleep, or say a heartfelt prayer. Treasure your intention like a baby kitten while falling asleep.
  • Read interesting articles or watch a movie or documentary on the topic.
  • Talk with friends about dreams, or write about your intentions in a diary.
  • Meditate or practice mindfulness as often as possible, so that more awareness can flow throughout all of your life and eventually your dreams.
  • Go for a walk through the forest and scream into nature: ‘Dreammakers talk to me!’
  • Reduce screen time before bed for healthy melatonin levels.
  • Eat light before bed. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke weed. I think you get the point, the clearer the mind, the clearer the dreams.
  • Play with binaural beats (My favorite binaural beats are the Hemi Sync meditations offered by the Monroe Institute)

Let me know how your progress goes, I’d love to hear what comes up for you. Leave a comment below.

Sweet dreams!

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