Why Dreams Are Important

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‘Dreams are like a letter from home, from a deep place in the psyche that has a picture of yourself, of your life, from a psychic state of the moment, which can’t be seen from the ego consciousness alone. And like this dreams safe people from blindness.’ – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes


To me it feels as if there is a very specific energy in the air. You might call it the Great Awakening or the Age of Aquarius, but what does this mean?

Along the path of evolution we lost the connection to nature and the spirit world. I would say that we forgot how to recognize our Essence, Higher Self, our Soul and Soul Contracts. However, in this dawning of new times we start to remember something but we cannot quite put our finger on it yet!

If we look back in time, a couple of generations ago, no one would ever talk about energies we witness or this certain feeling about something that we call intuition. We lived more of a rational life and were expected to make much more logical decisions rather then just to rely on a feeling. Today we live in a different world.

Intuition, Inner Truth and Authenticity are making their way back to the surface of existence. I bet many of us have been feeling the squeeze lately – life wants us to live authentic, in short: fulfill our purpose!


There is really nothing that can stop this process – and while many people might have a different understanding of what Self Realization might be, let me break down what it means for me.

If you would imagine that the first step to a more authentic expression of ourselves was the rebirth of intuition and feeling our way through life, what would you think could be the following step?

The exploration of our inner worlds has led us into different states of consciousness, the world of visions, archetypal language and symbolic understanding. We are not only talking feeling, energy and intuition, suddenly we start to learn another language, that I call the universal language as it speaks symbols, images and archetypes. Not only in dreams and visions, but in our every day life … we start sensing when a trickster energy is at work or when we are on a hero’s journey, when we self sabotage or victimize. Those archetypal energies will become more and more tangible.

Fabulous teachers like Carl Gustav Jung, Clarissa Pinkola Estes or Caroline Myss (just to name a few if you are looking for food for thought) have been and are paving the road for us to step into an elevated way of perceiving life. But as with any language it takes time to get a feel for it and to be able to read and speak it fluently. Eventually we will all be able to understand ourselves, each other and the collective in a different way, more obviously and more directly and therefore more intimately.

Bottom line is really that I believe that this is the next step in evolution – learning to understand the universal language – which is in my opinion the road to this emerging collective consciousness.

This is what Wisdom of Dreams is dedicated to – to help you understand the language of the soul, the messages from your psyche and ultimately bring this way of decoding your life closer to you, while we are learning ourselves every day with each dream, with each vision and each intuition about what this divinely orchestrated life unfolds for us.

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic!


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