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extended written dream interpretation

Hello friend,

Please fill out the form below to describe your dream. Make sure to talk about all the details you remember, for example if it was day or nighttime, the weather, the surrounding, colors and most importantly: how you felt throughout the dream (confused, scared, suspicious, carefree, lighthearted, etc.).

It is also important to keep in mind that a detailed dream interpretation is not possible without a conversation with the dreamer – this is why the written dream interpretation covers mostly suggestions according to the symbolism that stems from our collective instead of your personal associations to the dream symbols.

In the form below you are asked to write down important dream symbols that appeared in your dream. The more personal associations you can filter out of your dream the better.

We are offering two prices for this approximate 2 pages document:

  • Normal: $55
  • Low budget: $45

We are looking forward to hearing from you,


It can be detailed. For example: daytime/ nighttime, weather, surrounding, colours, emotions, sensations, overall impressions,...
Filter a handful of nouns from your dream and write down what they mean to you. For example: rose = reminds me of the roses on my friend's grave, yellow car = I drove a yellow car when I was a teen and happy, cat = i love/hate cats, etc.
Please share a bit about the life situation you find yourself in at the moment, the emotions or issues you are dealing with. What do you think your dream relates to?

“Understanding of dreams can help a person to understand human behaviour, including one’s own and to live more productively .” – Mary Ann Matroon